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is a mobile application developed as an aide for busy clinicians and others who are involved in the day-to-day care of women during their confinement (pregnancy).
It allows time-pressured clinicians to get fast EDD (Expected Date of Delivery) and Gestational Calendar (for gestational age) results whilst on the move, directly from their cell phone, without needing to access bulkier and slower software platforms. myDueDateCalc thus makes the planning of time-sensitive management decisions (eg. review appointment schedules, blood investigations, ultrasound examinations, etc) fast and simple.
It allows clinicians to save and share their results using familiar iOS applications (Mail, Messenger, Notes, File), as well as print or export (as PDF) results for inclusion in other clinical record-keeping software applications.

myDueDateCalc's simple and intuitive interface makes it a breeze to use.

Intended Users:

is intended for health professional involved in the care of women through their confinement (pregnancy). It will be immediately useful to Midwives, Community Nurse Practitioners, PAs, as well as ER Residents, Family Physicians, Neonatologists and OBGYN Residents.
In addition, students of the health professions, namely midwifery and medical students, will also find myDueDateCalc an invaluable aide in their Midwifery & OBGYN rotations.

Feature List:
  • myDueDateCalc utilises the client-reported LNMP (first day of the Last Normal Menstrual Period) to determine the EDD (Expected Date of Delivery), as well as the Gestational Calendar for the remaining period of confinement. It can accommodate variations in cycle length within clinically accepted ranges.
  • myDueDateCalc can also generate Gestational Calendar results for a known EDD (eg from a previously performed Ultrasound Examination when an EDD has been determined), facilitating planning of time-sensitive management decisions (eg of review appointments, blood investigations, ultrasound examinations, etc)
  • myDueDateCalc enables users to share and save results using familiar iOS applications (Mail, Messenger, Notes, Files). Clinicians can even share results with their client to assist them in planning for their remaining confinement.
  • myDueDateCalc also enables users to print or export (as PDF) results for integration into other clinical record-keeping applications/software
  • myDueDateCalc has a simple and intuitive user interface, which will be immediately familiar to iOS users everywhere.


myDueDateCalc - available on iOS 11 and higher for iPhone.

Step 1.
Add Client Name

Step 2.
Simply select either the LNMP date (the date of the first day of the last normal menstrual cycle), or the EDD (Expected Date of Delivery) if this is already known (ie from an earlier ultrasound). Then, enter the relevant date to instantly generate the predicted Due Date as well as the current Gestational Age.

Step 3.
Then, Press the green button to instantly generate the gestational calendar for your client. Scroll to easily determine the dates for time-critical appointments, and investigations.

Step 4.
You can then choose to either print the complete Client Gestation Calendar, or alternatively you may export this as a PDF file to import into compatible Client Record software programs. You may even choose to share their Gestation Calendar with your Client (to assist them with managing important time-points in their confinement).

myDueDateCalc is available for download on the App Store.

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